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Dean Maritime, Ltd. Co., is a Houston based ‘Specialty Transport” service company with focus on EXTREME CARGOES, worldwide. Specialty cargoes & transport structure(s) much too large for conventional marine transportation.

Utilizing specialty ships; Semi-Submersible ships with the capability to submerge below the water for Float-on/Float-off large and EXTREME cargoes for float-on the deck of the ship; Float-in/Float-out large cargoes approaching from the stern of the ship; Roll-on/Roll-off ships with the capability to roll-on/roll-off EXTREME cargoes from the shore-side to the deck of the ship; Heavy lift-on/lift-off ships with heavy lift crane capacity for 1000 m/tons for lifting-on/lifting- off EXTREME cargoes.

Offshore Ocean Towage utilizing (High Horse Power/High Bollard Pull) Ocean Tug Boats for long distance Worldwide Ocean Towage is our specialty.

Dean Maritime, Ltd. Co., with our ‘hands-on’ experience has successfully completed projects in over forty-five (45) countries worldwide and our extensive work history for EXTREME CARGOES these past thirty-eight (38) years, providing precise Engineering & Naval Architectural, Technical and Logistical project management are unsurpassed for your Offshore Specialty Project.


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